GP Resources

The following documents are relevant resources for primary care physicians.

ENT referral recommendations for GPs
This is a guideline from Western Australian Department of Health for primary care physicians on how to manage the common ENT problems and when to refer to the ENT specialists. The guideline uses three categories on the urgency of the referral (Category1: Urgent; Category2: Semi urgent and Category3: Routine). The recommendations are for guidance only; professional and personal judgement should be employed in each individual case.
ENT CPAC Referral Recommendations 2012.p[...]
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Management of rhinosinusitis for Primary Care Physicians 2013
Rhinosinusitis Management for Primary Ca[...]
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Commissioning of rhinosinusitis-Consultation 2013
Rhinosinusitiscommissioning guide- For c[...]
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ENT UK Position Paper on Septal Surgery 2010
ENT UK Position Paper on Septal Surgery.[...]
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Allergic Rhinitis Management-Pocket Reference 2008
Allergic Rhinitis Management -Pocket Ref[...]
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