Rhinoplasty Clinic: Rhinoplasty at its best

Mr Anari specialises in rhinoplasty surgery and his aim is to provide you with a nose that suits your face and it is both functional and aesthetic.


Mr Anari offers free consultations for cosmetic rhinoplasty at Spire Parkway Hospital.

If you would like to take advantage of the free cosmetic consultations, please contact Spire Parkway Hospital on 01217045530 and book a "Free Mini-Consultation" on Mr Anari's virtual clinics.

During this session, you will have a chance to ask your questions and see if your expectations can be met. You will need to attend a full face-to-face consultation for assessment.

During the full consultation, you will be examined fully and the digitally manipulated photos will be used to communicate the plan with you.

You will be charged £200 for the full consultation.

Following this consultation, if you decided that you would like to proceed with the operation, your booking process starts. You will have at least a two-week gap between the time you decide to proceed with rhinoplasty and the operation date. This is to allow you enough time to think it through.

If you have any questions or you are not certain that your questions have been fully answered, you are encouraged to come for more consultations before you make the final decision.


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