Cosmetic Nose Surgery is not all we do in Birmingham!


 Our aim is to provide our patients with the best current medical and surgical treatments.

 This is an overview of the services offered by Mr Anari (ENT Consultant) in the private clinics and hospitals in the greater Birmingham area. The private hospitals are closely suituated to Birmingham, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield areas in the West Midlands, UK.
 Mr Anari's main special interest is nasal surgery (functional, cosmetic and reconstructive).
 Should you have any questions, you can of course get in touch with us.
If you would like to make an appointment, please contact the private hospital directly.
Nasal airway surgery
 Nasal valve surgery
 Turbinate surgery
 Functional septorhinoplasty (Functional nose job)
Nasal reshaping surgery
 (cosmetic nose surgery, cosmetic nose job, rhinoplasty)
 Fractured nose
 Deviated nose
 Crooked nose
 Cosmetic nose tip refinement (Tip rhinoplasty)
 Nostril reshaping (Nasal bse surgery)
 Hump removal
 Long and short nose
 Augmentation rhinoplasty
 Reduction rhinoplasty
 Cleft nose rhinoplasty
 Ethnic rhinoplasty
Medical rhinoplasty
 Nasal reshaping with Botox injection and Fillers
Nasal skin cancer
 Most skin cancers can be removed and repaired in one session however certain skin cancers require Mohs surgery before reconstruction.
 Often Mohs surgery is performed at an earlier stage by Mohs surgeons and the reconstruction will take place at a later date.
 Mr Anari works closely with his Mohs surgeon colleagues and he will be able to arrange Mohs surgery for those cases prior to nasal reconstruction.
Nasal reconstrcution
 Repair of septal perforation
 Septal reconstruction
 (when the septum has been consumed at previous operations)
 Nasal reconstruction
 (when the nasal structure and/or skin has been damaged by trauma or cancer)
 Sinus surgery
 Balloon sinuplasty
Nasal polyps
 Nasal polyp surgery
 Office-based (outpatient) nasal polypectomy
Choanal atresia surgery
 Repair of the CSF leak
Nose bleed
 Recurrent nosebleed
 Outpatient cauterisation
 Nasal vessel ligation
Rhinophyma surgery
Endoscopic DCR (dacryocystorhinostomy)
 This is perfromed in conjunction with an eye surgeon to relieve the watery eyes.
 In this method, the opening of your tear duct is opened through the nose.
 You need to see an eye specialist first to be referred for this procedure.

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